The Brother HL-2270DW Laser Printer: January 2018 Update


It has been about 4 years since I purchased the Brother HL-2270DW Laser Printer, and I am still very pleased with the purchase.

As I mentioned in my post: First Impression: The Brother HL-2270DW Laser Printer, I don’t do a lot of printing, and having the Brother HL-2270DW has saved me a lot of money by not having to replace color ink jet cartridges that had dried up due to a lack of use.

I mostly print documentation and news stories, along with occasional pictures, and, in the time that I’ve had the Brother HL-2270DW, I have not had to purchase new toner.

The only problem I encountered was when I moved the printer.  I’ve moved the printer twice in 4 years.  The first move did not produce any problems, but, when I moved the printer back to its original location, it was no longer visible on the network.  The Google Cloud Print that I had set up also stopped working.

I don’t know if I should have done this, but I deleted the Google Cloud print, and the Brother HL-2270DW from my local computers, and figured I would start fresh.

The problem I ran into was that, when first installing the printer, you need to run the installation disk while the printer is hooked up to a computer via usb.  I had misplaced the installation disk, so I needed to download the drivers from Brother.

After downloading the drivers, I reinstalled the printer on my old Gateway desktop with no problems.  Once it was installed on the desktop, I removed the usb cable, and I was, once again, able to connect to it from my local computers. I also set up the Google Cloud print again, and it worked with no problems.



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