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Biographical Info,,  and sites creator. I Enjoy the outdoors,  exploring the internet and observing pop culture, while attempting to expand my creativity. Feel free to visit my sites, and let me know how I can make them better!

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Biographical Info

Nova Sparks was born and raised in the Bronx of New York City. As a young girl, she wasn’t allowed to watch television but every so often was permitted to watch movies with her Dad who is a heavy science fiction, horror, and fantasy fanatic. It was then that a nerd was born.

It wasn’t until she was a teenager when she realized that none of her favorite and beloved characters on television, movies, and story books looked like her. Understanding what the lack of representation of people in color in books, film, and television does to the minds of the youth, Nova Sparks set herself on a journey to make sure that little boys and little girls have the opportunity to see themselves in the stories they will grow to love.

Nova Sparks is a strong believer that science fiction and fantasy genres will save the world. When she is not working on her latest science fiction novel or screenplay, Nova can be found planning and organizing DiverScifi, an annual convention dedicated to promoting and encouraging diversity in science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres.

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