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  1. Noire Style Today
    Is Randi channeling Dolly Parton in this look? Visit her blog post to find out! Channeling Dolly Parton?
  2. Noire Style Today
    In this photo, Randi is modeling an early 70s Gunne Sax Style Empire Maxi Dress. See more photos of this vintage look, along with look details on her blog post: DRESS: Vintage c.1970s
  3. Noire Style Today
    In this photo, Randi Nichole Joan models a vintage Sartorial Matters dress. See more photos and details for this look at her blog post! 1970s Vintage Sartorial Matters Blazer
  4. Noire Style Today
    For more of Elizabeth on Instagram, you can follow her at the following link: Elizabeth Rhonda on Instagram
  5. Noire Style Today
    You can see more photos of Elizabeth modeling this jumpsuit in her blog post, “Golden Fantasy”. She also reveals one of her secrets to having sex appeal, without having to look provocative. Check...

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