1. How Africa’s History is Changing Its Architectural Landscape

    A decade or so ago, Africans who wanted to study architecture would pick and attend a school in Europe or in the US. Then, they’d return home with foreign ideas, techniques and methods and create buildings that closely resembled their foreign counterparts. These buildings would be built by strictly applying all they had learnt without carefully considering the African heritage, climate, local needs or geological terrain. The style was functional and economical — which isn’t bad at all, it’s...
  2. Unifying Africa: Kiswahili Now Official Language of East Africa

    The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) has approved plans to make Kiswahili its second official language. The EALA has also passed a resolution to make Kiswahili an official language of the East African Community (EAC), alongside English. English was previously the language of choice but wasn’t seen as practical because of countries, such as Burundi, that rely heavily on French. So with the passing of the bill, Kiswahili is now an official language of the eastern region of Africa which...
  3. Business Languages in Africa

    Curious on what languages are used for business in Africa? Check out the below.
  4. Ghanaian Artist Gives Western Celebs African-Inspired Makeover

    New York-based Ghanaian artist, Dennis Owusu-Ansah, has put a clever spin on African makeovers with a series of paintings that feature African-American celebrities in authentic African attires with African names to match! His images do highlight the beauty of Africa.