Articles from Andrew Hill

  1. Hidden Figures and a Racial Incident at Chicago's Prestigious Union League Club

    There is a painting called Intent off the main lobby of Chicago's Union League Club, which I like a great deal. It's by Rene Romero Schuler, and it features a solitary, partially attenuated figure silhouetted against a mottled ivory background. I've seen it several times, and it usually reminds me of Giacometti--the painted wall fragments from his legendary studio at Rue Hippolyte-Mandron or even Tall Figure and Walking Man. But an unfortunate incident during my most recent three-day stay...
  2. Why You Should Not Leave America If Trump-Dog Billionaire Wins the White House

    A few days ago, I found myself in a classroom with a millennial student of intentionally ambiguous gender, who said, “If Donald Trump becomes president, I’m leaving the country.”

    Others I’ve talked to have made similar statements. Sometimes joking. Sometimes not.

    Two of these were African-American women under forty. A third was a first-generation Hispanic-American whose parents emigrated from Central America fewer than twenty years ago. If I keep my ear to the ground, no doubt I will find...
  3. On the 52nd Anniversary of Dr. King's "Dream" Speech, A Nation with the DT's

    Those who believe in the Law of Attraction say the more attention you give a subject, the larger it gets. In one of his many programs on public television, Dr. Wayne Dyer put it this way. Suppose you’re in a shopping mall and you see a store filled with ugly lamps. And you say to yourself, “Those are the ugliest lamps I’ve ever seen. I hate those lamps.” But then you go into the mall and purchase fifty of those very lamps.

    That’s what seems to be happening on the current political...
  4. Two Apologies: Julian Bond's "Slave Mistress" Ancestor & Dr. Dre

    On August 21, 2015, two apologies appeared in the New York Times, which at first glance do not seem related, but in fact are.

    The first was from the Times’ Public Editor, Margaret Sullivan, in response to criticism that the paper’s obituary of civil rights legend, Julian Bond, used the term “slave mistress” to describe his great grandmother. The second, perhaps more widely read apology was from 50-year-old Hip Hop mogul, Dr. Dre, who issued a statement via the Times indicating that he is...
  5. How Julian Bond Became the Heroic Icon Whose Passing Is Now Mourned

    This is the photograph of Julian Bond I like best. It is January 10, 1966. Everyone but Julian is standing, their right hands raised as they take the oath of office to serve as duly elected representatives of the Georgia State Legislature. Julian does not remain seated in protest, as one might expect this firebrand of the Civil Rights Movement to do. He's not standing because he is being punished. The legislature has denied him the seat his constituents have elected him to. Why?...
  6. Interred with Their Bones: How the Cosby Revelations Add Death to the Heinous Allegations of Rape

    There will be a feeding frenzy now. The Big Fish has begun to bleed. When the sharks have finished anything once thought good and honorable and right will be interred with his bones and replaced by the evil that will surely live on.

    Bill Cosby is no Julius Caesar, but if I am reminded of Mark Antony’s funeral oration it is because the Coz crossed a Rubicon of his own making and by that deed—those 47 deeds and counting—has reached a point from which there can be no turning back.
  7. How Juneteenth Is Linked to July Fourth & the Tragedy at Emanuel AME Church

    As I write this, the pillorying of Rachel Dolezal has been wiped from the front pages by the tragic murder of nine innocents at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC.